Project Details
  • Director: Justin Chon
  • Cast: Kevin Wu, Justin Chon, Dion Basco, Gerry Bednob, NIchole Bloom
  • Release Date: Summer 2015
  • Partner: Off The Dock / Kinetic Films
  • Website: http://manupfilm.com
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OFF THE DOCK and SUPERGRAVITY Pictures present a Kinetic Films production, MAN UP, a comedy film starring Kevin Wu (YouTube's "KevJumba") and Justin Chon (TWILIGHT, 21 & OVER). After finally graduating High School, 19-year-old slacker Martin (KEVIN WU) has big plans for the summer: to do absolutely nothing. He and his best friend Randall (JUSTIN CHON) plan to spend all summer hanging out, playing video games, and laying around. Those plans are ruined when Martin’s girlfriend, Madison (GALADRIEL STINEMAN), drops a bomb on his carefree summer: she’s pregnant, and she doesn’t want to see him until he grows up. To her and her family, Martin’s an unambitious bum who can barely take care of himself, let alone a newborn baby. His parents agree, and kick him out of the house. With Martin’s life falling apart, he sets out to win Madison back by proving that he’s capable of being a father. He and Randall embark on a man-quest, looking for answers in all the wrong places. With Randall’s help, Martin must figure out what it means to be a Dad and MAN UP.